Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our President

Shown here is our Chapter President, Carla Sexton, standing with the subject of her colored pencil piece on the right, Jimmy Ogle. Mr. Ogle was our tour guide on our Chapter tour of downtown Memphis a few months ago. This portrait of Mr. Ogle was on display at our annual Colored Pencil show at the A2H in Lakeland, Tennessee during the months of October through November.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Artists' Reception

The Memphis Chapter held its annual Colored Pencil Art Show at A2H Architectural Firm in Lakeland, TN this year. The artists reception was held on the first evening of the show. Our visiting workshop artist, Linda Wesner, was the judge for this years exhibition. Linda did a wonderful job choosing from all of the beautiful art in the show.

Linda is show here in the middle in the blue top, talking to some of the artists and guests to the show.

'Autumn Show' by Patty Simon ~ Best of Show
'Silent Repose' by Susan Hyback ~ Purchase Award
'Golden Fleece'
by Susan Hyback
2nd place
'Blue Green Depths'
Honorable Mention

'Afternoon in the Park'
'Through the Trees'

'The Door'
'Fall Flicker'